†LOΛΣΓS† Interview #30

Could you introduce yourselves? 

We are †LOΛΣΓS† a mix of genres in the dark wave, electronic genre /witch house, right from San Antonio, Texas .

Kray is the beat master mind and does production and also some synth work he loves choppin up and glitching shit .

Ello does synths /instrumental, vocalist and does art work for †LOΛΣΓS†

What’s the story behind the name?

We started off not knowing what to name our project, well being a couple we thought we should be called lovers but use symbols to attract the listener and to fit the genre. In witch house music you tend to see lots of symbols sometimes nothing but symbols, so we called ourselves †LOΛΣΓS†.

How did the both of you meet and decide to work together?

We both Roller skate we both do Roller Derby . 

Ello- One day I decided to go to speed class which helps your skating and I met kray there we both skated together and ended up falling for each other during the process of getting to know each other, plus we both have been in previous bands.

Kray- I did instrumentals and use to drum for a friends band.

Ello- I use to be lead singer of a soft core metal band.

We talked about music so much, weren’t just soul mates we became band mates.

What attracted you to music as your medium of choice, how did it all start?

Ello- Growing up I listened to a lot of music but mostly punk Rock/Rockabilly/Electronic/ska/Metal like Tiger Army, Teenage bottleRocket,Krum bums,Descendents/The Specials/Crystal Castles and etc. My dad is a muscian so I grew up loving music and learning about it with him and styles of genres. my whole life revolved around it, I just wanted to be a part of it and be a voice .

Kray- Mostly for me it was my dad, he always listened to music and constantly blasting metal and rock. He played sax when he was younger so I did too. Later I met a friend I worked with at McDonalds and he pretty much planted a guitar in my hand and it spawned from there. I’ve picked up drums and eventually bass guitar since. I’ve done a few hip hop projects in the past that started my process of beat making and instrumentals. Later a friend (Sooko) forced me to get FL Studio and I started my first project as a solo artist under the name “Azuras Sounds” and later changed to “SOVRUN”, which I still have today, just not my focus since we started †LOΛΣΓS†. 

Biggest influences?

Kray- Wu-Tang clan,Common,Dj Shadow,Prodigy,Salem,Nosaj Thing,White Ring,Sneaker Pimps,Shlomo,Shigeto.

Ello- Salem,The Devotchkas,Crim3s,Crystal Castles,Krum Bums,Pussy Riot,Anti-Flag,Calabrease,Kap Bambino,White Ring.

How have you grown since you started making music?

Basically, we’ve learned each others nitch. We know who is strong in certain areas and where each of us may need assistance. However we both contribute equally, so we both learn from each other. That something most solo artists can’t do. We also have learned so much about sound arrangement and composing. All in all, we’re growing as artists, and we will continue to grow, however, we do feel we found OUR sound.

Who are some of your favorite Soundcloud artists?

Ello- Mustapha Mond,Sidewalks and Skeletons,Nullse†,GLAMOUR KILLFACE, Crim3s,Summer of Haze, Death Grips and BLVCK CEILING.

Kray- Whats she said lol, plus SOOKO, A.M. Architect, aether, Ratstax, †▼BF▼CK, IC3PEAK, crossparty, and Universes.

How would you explain your style?

Depends, it can go from poppy electronic witch-punk, to a darkwave witch house sound. It”s pretty much a mix of who we are and what we love in the music we both listen to.

How important is image to you?

Image is a label we use to view, it is not as important as most people make it out to be. However, we all have an image in our minds, of ourselves and of others. As long as we feel we portray that image we see of who we should be, then, that’s all that is important to us.

Could you give us a hint on what direction you plan to go with your music in 2014, any projects you have up and coming?

We will be focusing on an album release soon. This will allow us to take our music to new channels and better exposure. More collaborations as well as touching on a few remixes. Mostly, we need to play live and a lot of it.

What makes you happy?

Kray- What we do, making music with the person I love. Not a lot of people have that,*(bats eyelashes) we do. 

Ello- Awwwww ..true that.

Any closing comments?

Kray- Stay who you are, no matter who that is, and do what you love, no matter what….unless its bad like killing, do not kill people, i mean unless they did something bad too…i mean do not think i’m saying killing is not bad, it is bad, very bad, so don’t….

make music not graves.

Ello- kill people who kill cats and baby seals and shit .. kill them…and kill all hate keep peace ….Find your own freedom in a place where you think you have it, but you don’t !



Interviewed by POI